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77 Years of Millwork Excellence.

Robert Shaw Manufacturing is a premium millwork provider that’s been operating out of Fort Worth, TX since 1946. Our all in-house team of craftsmen, finishers, veneer experts, and detailers have enjoyed a rich history at our 90,000 square foot facility just south of downtown—and adjacent to the lively Magnolia area.

We are focused on the premium commercial and ultra-premium residential markets—and while we love hearing about projects of all sizes, we are most adept at tackling projects from $250,000 to $5 million.

Started in 2023, we are excited about working with our architect and design partners to bring some dynamic new products to life. Our approach to lighting design focuses on creating pieces that transform the energy and feel of a room. They are not only illuminative but also visually stunning. We primarily work on a theme that centers around the photographic softbox—and build from there. We offer a range of materials, styles, and finishes, ensuring that each lighting piece is a unique embodiment of our client’s vision.

Custom lighting

In addition to being able to layup veneers from any of our supplier partners around the world, Robert Shaw has almost 1 million square feet of veneer inventory in house—giving us a speed of execution advantage over many. The company has built an enviable inventory of veneers, purchased from around the world over decades. Whether white oak, Honduran mahogany, and zebrawood, each veneer can be laid-up on a variety of backings including plywood, moisture-resistant MDF, and more. And our team has extensive experience in working with your CAD files to ensure that any layup instructions are carried out with excellence.

Veneer panels

We excel in crafting custom commercial furnishings designed to elevate corporate headquarters and higher education facilities. Our expertise lies in problem solving, and in creating complex, bespoke items such as boardroom tables, reception desks, library shelving, and specialized seating. Each piece starts with a deep understanding of your requirements, and then quickly transforms from sketches to 3D models—allowing us to work with you and your client to quickly arrive at the best possible result.

Custom commercial furnishings

The core of what we do is creating bespoke wood products across a diverse range of custom millwork types including complex cabinetry, refined architectural moldings, unique door designs, and sophisticated wall and ceiling panels. Each piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that it not only complements but enhances the energy of any space. Whether it's an ultra-premium residential project or a premium commercial space, our custom millwork will help set the stage for a warm, elegant environment. We can start with a sketch or finished CAD files, and we finish with installation and final quality checks. 

Custom millwork

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77 Years of premium millwork

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